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Thermal Imaging Inspections on a planned schedule can result in preventative savings of a $4 return on investment for every $1 spent on infrared inspection

Electrical Systems

Numerous electrical systems will show signs of degradation at different load applications, that can be picked up with a thermal image at a safe distance. Loose, dirty, or damaged connections, overloaded and imbalanced circuits will also show an elevated temperature on a thermal image. Circuit breakers, faulty switches, motor contactors, relays, transformers, and many other electrical components can be checked to determine if they are starting fail.

Flat Roof Inspections

If you are experiencing small leaks on a new to mid life flat roof system and have been advised that a new roof is required, call us first. We can save you significant repair time and costs. Thermal imaging will be used to detect the precise location of the leak(s). We would then mark out the affected area so that repairs can be made only to the leaking area.

Mechanical Systems

Thermal Imaging can detect temperature differences that are above the manufacturer's recommended operating specifications and lead you to the problem early, before you are able to see or hear it. Thermal imaging can be used to detect several potential problems with mechanical systems, stemming from lubricant failure (or absence of lubricant), bearing failure, worn parts, and electrical arcing. These results would allow for repair prior to failure of the mechanical component, saving downtime and increasing manufacturing.

 Building / Structural / HVAC

     Costs when heating a commercial building can be quite expensive, if improperly insulated. Completing a thermal audit on your building can help determining where the energy leaks are, allowing specific repairs and reducing these costs. In this audit we can also point out other problems such as pest infiltration, moisture infiltration, and environments that potentially support mold growth.

Determining where the leaks are in your HVAC system duct work and sealing them will help improve your heating and cooling system balance and lower your HVAC costs.

During a structural scan of a building, a thermal imaging camera can pick up on missing wall studs and header locations.

* Photos compliments of FLIR