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Why Use Thermal Imaging?

    Having experienced construction of Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects first hand, and as the old saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words"; Infrared light or thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to " see" and " measure" thermal energy emitted from an object, hot or cold. These hot and cold temperature measurements that are captured in a thermal image, will indicated any abnormalities in temperature of the objects or building you are capturing an image of.

    Our Infrared camera will show you thermal problems, based on equipment temperatures, for example a motor has a an operating temperature between 60C to 100C. The thermal image properly taken, will either indicate these operating temperatures, or possibly a higher temperatures, which could signify a potential breakdown of heated bearings.

     This precise non-contact temperature measurement, allows the checking of equipment at a safe distance and allows the thermographer to document these findings quickly and easily and present them in a report format

     Almost all equipment that uses or transmits power gets hot before it fails. Cost effective management is critical and in some cases crucial to maintaining the reliability of your electrical and mechanical equipment in your production system.

     In today's fast moving market place, not many would argue that infrared thermal imaging is the most effective proven preventive maintenance technology available, to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems prior to failure.

     Using a preventative maintenance approach allows you to plan your shut down with proper equipment delivery times, prior to the equipment failing. Hence allowing your operators and maintenance crew the opportunity to closely monitor the specific equipment, to assist in keeping the production going in a safe manner. This is much more cost effective than what we call reactive repairing, waiting for something to fail and then scrambling to fix it as soon as possible, disrupting manufacture times, possible late delivery of parts, while paying premium prices for expedited service, etc

      In 01 March 2007 , Maintenance Technology magazine reported in

A Guide to Infrared (IR) Thermography

     Estimates of return on investment generally run from a minimum of 4:1 to as high as 20:1, depending on such factors as the cost of downtime for equipment failure, labor, parts and materials. Finding and fixing a poor electrical connection before a component fails can save you the much greater costs and/or complete losses associated with process downtime, power outages and protecting life and property from fire.

     With use of infrared technology to find a problem is some case is not enough. The fact, that an infrared camera image says very little about what causes the problem with an electrical connection or worn mechanical part. Although maintaining a library of thermal imaging reports from Trade Solutions can allow the facility to monitor and maintain timely maintenance and repair decisions.

     ‚ÄčTrade Solutions Thermal Imaging Reports not only allow you to quickly locate problems, the precise temperature measurement, relative humidity, including ambient temperatures on the reporting date.

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.